What you should do to get prompt money for your financial needs?


Problems occur without any forewarning and can disturb the peace of your life.  The condition becomes so worse where you need instant cash to avoid any further damage, for instance – Funds to get admission in college or to buy medicines.

At this moment, people strike with different ideas and they apply for the loans with low APR or borrow money with hefty interest. And sometimes without proper investigation, they feel trapped and instead of getting rid of the problem they introduce more. If you can relate to all this, you need an escape window.

Let’s have a look at the option you have available to get instant cash. Here are 10 ways to get money easily and quickly

#1 Short term loans:

It is a popular way to get the instant loan and it is obtained to support a temporary financial crisis but the amount should be paid off within a week or in a year. It includes doorstep loans, and online loans. Due to the short tenure and small amount limit to borrow, these are called short-term loans.

#2 Personal Loans:

The thing, which affects millions of customers, is “instant personal loans”.  There are a number of banks and private lenders exist that are providing personal loans instantly to meet the expenses and needs of the borrowers. Once you get approval, the money will transfer within 24 hours.

#3 Family and Friends:

At the time of difficulties only close one can understand the pain you feel. Borrow money from someone you trust and believe that he/she will help you.  However, remember one thing, give them back as relations are fragile and live only on honesty.

#4 Selling Gold:

This one is the easiest way to get instant cash but here you have to lose something. You can sell gold to nearby jewelers’ shop and get instant cash. You can sell online too but make sure you check the current rate of gold; so that you get the best price.

#5 Use precious saved money

– If you have a habit of saving some money from income every month then it can act as the backbone during any money crisis. Use it wisely and stay in the habit of saving money, as it becomes the only saviour sometimes.  

#6 Fixed Deposits:

You don’t have to break down your FD to get cash but you can take a loan against fixed deposit. Here you only have to present your FD as collateral. Not only FD, you can use any other security like share, stock, and insurance as collateral.

#7 Advance Paycheck from your company:

This one is a bit different way to get money but it works in most of the cases. Asking for an advance paycheck from your boss and describing your problem to them if he/she senses truthiness in your word then you will definitely get help from your company and if you are an old employee then the chances become higher.

#8 Sell useless things:

Selling those things you don’t need is one of the best ways to get instant help. Selling stuff you don’t require online may give you the best price or you can sell to someone you know like neighborhood or relatives. This hack can be helpful to get rid of unwanted stuff with a good amount of cash.

#9 Sell your art:

If you are creative and an artist then you must try to display your artwork in the exhibitions to get a good amount in exchange. If your art catches someone’s eyes then you may get more orders in the future.

#10 Apply for payday loans

You can easily get this short term loan in Ireland and it is also known as salary loan, payroll loan or advance loan. With these, you will get instant help but the whole procedure depends on your employment history. If they find it strong then you will definitely get approval for a loan.

Before getting help from any of the above-mentioned ways, please check the all the aspects related to the option you choose. If your choice is to borrow funds from lender, you must have the ability to repay the loans, customisation helps but your own affordability is most important.  Analyse everything and take a decision so that you don’t feel trapped.

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