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In today’s life, where people are dealing with so many expenses, the rise of financial needs is increasing day by day. Often, people have to make a big purchase or face any crisis which is beyond their financial capacity to afford and this is the time when they knock the door of the lenders to borrow debt. This is one of the biggest reasons why the lending industry is advancing at such a rapid pace. Gone are the days when you have to stand in the long queue in order to get a debt from banks, as now you can easily apply for loans at home online easily without any trouble.

Being one of the well-renowned lenders of Ireland, we at Credit First provide offers online loan facilities to the people. To apply for the loan, all you need to do is submit the online application form from our website where you will be required to fill only your basic details. After that, the lending team will go through your application process and if approved, the amount is dispersed into the bank account within a few minutes of the approval. Here are the loan products that we mainly specialise in:

Quick Loans

This is basically a shorter amount of loan that can be used during the situation like when you are not able to pay your rent, utility bills, pay for your car sudden transmission break and other similar scenarios. Thus, a quick loan is an option to get urgent funds that will be directly transferred to your bank account. As this loan is provided immediately, the interest rate charged might be quite high, but it can also be lower if you have a good credit score or might depend on the lender from you are about to borrow.

Bad Credit Loans

Getting a loan from traditional lenders is quite difficult when your credit score is not up to par or is not good. Somehow, if you even manage to get a loan, then you might be offered a high-interest rate. This is why it is better to go with the direct lenders who can offer you loans even at bad credit and that too at a competitive interest rate.

Car Loans

Everyone dream to have a car of their own. Well, some manage to turn their dream into reality while some still are dreaming for that lucky day when they will bring their dream car into their garage. You could fulfil your dream by applying for a car loan from our website where you can apply from €1500 to €50000 and choose the repayment term from 1-5 years as per your financial convenience.

Short Term Loans

Mishaps can take place at the stage of your life such as unexpected job loss, medical emergency and others. In such situations, a person can be bombarded with stress and other negative emotions which can affect the person drastically. Also, these situations bring unexpected expenses along with it, which you can tackle by going for short term loans that are easier to get than a long term loan.

Doorstep Loans

A doorsteps loan as the name goes is the type of loan where the money is directly given to the borrower at their home by the agent of the lender. The approval rate of such loans is very high so there will be a very thin chance that your application will be rejected.

Places where you can find us

At Credit First, we provide loans to all the people living in Ireland. However, these are the major cities where you can connect with us easily:

Dublin:Being the capital of Ireland, this city is a dwelling place for most of the urban mass of the country.  Dublin is also the home to a good number of MNCs and full-scale corporations.

Cork: The County with the second largest harbour in the world is a busy commercial area. It is also a great tourist hub where people from all over the world flock into this beautiful city.

Limerick:  It is one of the fastest developing cities in the whole of Europe. The city is facing an investment boom where investments are being done on modernising the city.

Galway: it is also referred to as the festival capital of Ireland where over a hundred festivals are celebrated across the city.

Waterford:  Another tourist paradise of Ireland which has some of the best attractions in the world. It is also considered a great place if you are looking for a job, as many international companies are located in this city.

So, if you are need of financial assistance in any part of Ireland, you can easily contact us online to apply for a loan.

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